I’ve now taught over 900 classes, which means a few things:

  1. This job WORKS! It’s not a hoax, it’s not a scam, and if you like kids and need to make some money from home, consider applying!
  2. Half the props I made initially have collected dust in corners somewhere.  I just don’t use a lot of item-specific flashcards and that cute otter and hedgehog have never seen the light of day.
  3. Then there are the props I’ve actually worn out.  Completely.  I started with handwritten-on-cardboard, graduated to sharpie written on Dollar-store cutouts and both have died a noble death.

 Punctuation props fall in the third category – I’ve used them up!  To be fair, I get A LOT of mileage out of the question mark, some out of the period and question mark and very little of any other one, but if I’m printing and laminating, I’ll make the most of my page!

I use the question mark to let kids ask ME a question for some reward systems, or to indicate they need to respond to a question, or in level 3 when they learn how to ASK questions!

I also have some handwritten marks I’ve put on my props on these – the NAME of the punctuation mark on the back, and arrows indicating inflection (for PROPER PRONUNCIATION classes, or when you just get tired of that robot voice!)

As always, my printables are free for personal use and for in the classroom! I like to post mine on popsicle sticks for easy storage (I have a clear plastic hanging shoe organizer they go into beside my desk) but they work equally well as flashcards if that’s your jam.

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