Two more weeks until Halloween! I’m not the type to decorate my classroom for every season, but a quick reward that will work for most ages? Yes please!

There are two rewards to print – a jack-o’-lantern and a trick or treat bag with candies. I’ve got a few students in the Level 2 “body parts” unit, so the jack-o’-lantern works especially well for them. You can also make the face look happy/sad/angry which is great for learning emotions! I’m not particular about my rewards being lesson-specific, but it’s always nice if they are. The candies are fun because I can teach the kids “trick or treat” and have them yell it out whenever I bring out the reward! They can choose a candy to put in the bag. I use it to discuss in/on/by prepositions for my level 3 students, or colours for the younger crowd.

I add dollar store magnets to the backs of the candies and face parts and use it on my magnetic board. Have fun!

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