As many of you know, trials are my bread and butter! Ever since I switched to teaching Short Notice only, trials make up over 1/2 my income! So with the decline in bookings over Chinese New Year and the launch of two new trials it was the perfect time to add a few more props to my piles.

I haven’t yet taught these levels 1 & 2 plus trials, and they look FUN! I love the gamification of it all! There’s so much going on that I’m not sure how much I’ll even need these old-school 2D props. I focused more on the props for extension than the props for the lesson as that’s where I see needing a little extra effort.

Whenever VIPKID launches a new lesson, expect it to change! In a few weeks the lessons may look completely different than they do now, so I tried to keep these flashcards generic enough to be useful outside of these two lessons.

Why make your own flashcards when you can just print the ones from VIPKID?

VIPKID often provides flashcards for teachers to print, however I’ve stayed committed to making my own. Here’s why:

My kids recently took their free trial of LingoBus – the Chinese version of VIPKID where my English-speaking kids are taught Chinese. It was mind-blowing! Seriously, if you have kids (or nephews or neighbours or grandkids…) have them take a lesson and sit on the parent side for a change! It was so eye-opening to have no idea what the teacher was saying and try to follow directions based solely on their TPR. WOW!

One of my big takeaways came from a successful lesson where my daughter had just learned the words for “house,” “mom” and “dad.” We were so excited!

Then in the feedback, the teacher praised her for learning the word “family.” We had no idea what she was talking about and could not remember learning any such thing. We went back to the video replay and found a prop clearly for “Mom,” a prop clearly for “Dad” and a prop of a house with a heart in it. There was no family in sight. What did she mean?

We looked up the Chinese word for “family” and – sure enough – it was what we had assumed had been the word for “house.” That house with a heart in it was supposed to represent family. Not only was it a poor representation, but the prop the teacher used was identical to the picture on the slide – no help at all.

It was no big deal, but it did make me value variety in props. Her cute prop did not add anything to help us understand what she was referring to. Ever since then I’ve made a concerted effort to use props that are never exactly what the screen or lesson shows. If they show a beach ball, I show a basketball. If they show a blue bike, I show a red bike. It’s a little thing, but I learned how easy it is to assume and the purpose of props is not to reinforce an image, but to help explain a concept.

Printable Flashcards

Click on the grey button for a print-quality PDF of the files. As always, these are free for personal and classroom use.

Enjoy, and I hope you sign up many BaoBaos this holiday season!

If you are interested in teaching for VIPKID, please use my referral code and get in touch with me at I’ll send you a few free resources to get you started and we can keep in touch to answer any questions you may have!

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