Are you interested in teaching with VIPkid?

If you have a valid Bachelors degree or higher, are a native English speaker and can legally work in the USA/Canada, you are welcome to apply!

VIPkid combines their application process with their training process, so you will be expected to do a series of interviews, applications and “mock classes” to hone your skills before being offered a contract. The best way to get through these steps with the least amount of stress is to have a VIPkid teacher to work with you throughout the process. If your friend told you about VIPkid, ask them for their referral code and have them walk you through it! If you would like my help, please use the code KIRST0001 and send me an email at to let me know! I’d love to be a part of your journey.

Why have a referring teacher?

VIPkid believes the best way to learn is peer-to-peer support. While they offer coaching days (which are WELL worth your time) and many teachers have posted youtube videos (which are VERY helpful) there are always a ton of questions that are most easily answered with a quick message to a real person. For this reason, VIPkid offers a one-time financial bonus to referring teachers who help new candidates get past the application process and actually start teaching. We do not receive any compensation until you get your first paying student, and nothing beyond that. VIPkid is not an MLM!

As an independent contractor, self-motivation is a big part of your future success with VIPkid. For that reason, your referring teacher is not there to walk you through each detail but rather to point you in the right direction, help you find answers, cheer you on, address challenges and give you real life examples of how VIPkid works for them.